A waiting room

with no waiting

proactive risk




Emphasis on wellness

and prevention

The luxury of time

with your doctor


We offer a refreshing alternative to impersonal “assembly-line” health care.

At Concierge Family Medicine, we provide EXCEPTIONAL CARE FOR EXCEPTIONAL PATIENTS. Our goal is to treat each patient as a “VIP”, and to provide a thorough, convenient health care experience, delivered with plenty of good old-fashioned caring and TLC. We enjoy a warm, personal relationship with each of our patients because we take the time to know each one as a friend.

At CFM, our goal is to maintain the highest possible level of service and hands-on involvement, so each of our doctors accepts only a small, fixed number of patients.

If you are the type of person who appreciates special treatment wherever you go, you shouldn’t settle for less from your doctor’s office. We invite you to read on about our unique medical practice, and to call us with any questions you may have.

William E. Jones, MD
Mason D. Jones, MD