Erectile Dysfunction

Men are programmed to connect a major part of masculine identity to their penis. When erectile dysfunction (ED) hits the first time, fear of failing the next time may begin to gnaw on the subconscious.

This can become a vicious cycle- increasing fear of failure, resulting in more and more failures, until both parties stop trying. Meanwhile, the partner may not understand what’s going on and may start thinking, "Am I not attractive to him?" or "Is he having an affair?” Unfortunately, if the couple is not communicating clearly about the man’s ED, any added pressure to perform only serves to exacerbate the frustration.

There are many factors that can contribute to ED, but the most common cause is simply age. Other factors, such as circulatory issues, medications, stress, and marital difficulties, may further amplify the problem.

The good news is that the new treatments for ED can work very well. The most important thing, however, is to discuss it with your partner. Clear communication is absolutely paramount.

You are not alone. ED is a common complaint. It is, however, very treatable. Viagra is one option. It works very well and lasts for about four hours, but there are other medications and interventions that may work even better in your case, for various reasons. If ED is becoming a problem in your relationship, we encourage you to discuss it with us at your next visit.

Low testosterone can also manifest as loss of libido and ED. If your “T” level is low, and you fit certain criteria, we can start testosterone replacement. With testosterone back in the “normal” range, many patients experience improvement in sex drive, endurance, recovery after exercise, sleep pattern, etc. Let’s talk about your issues, the risks and benefits of treatment, and get things back on track.