It’s about time

What is so special about the medical experience received by CFM patients? Are CFM doctors more highly trained or more intelligent than other doctors? Of course not. All practicing physicians have successfully completed similar medical training programs and all must pass the same licensing examinations.

What makes CFM doctors unique is that we have ample time to spend with each patient- as much time as the patient may require

It takes time:

  • to really know a patient, to really understand the significance of that patient’s symptoms, concerns, and current health status
  • to explore back into the patient’s history to determine if/how that information impacts their current status
  • to research the medical literature and perhaps discuss the case with a specialist colleague
  • to explain the purpose of any recommended tests and then discuss with the patient the results of those tests
  • to review with the patient the significance of each of their medical conditions, the relation of their mind and body, and emotional and physical treatment options
  • to explain the purpose of any newly prescribed medication and to discuss the possible side-effects
  • for the doctor to telephone a patient to make certain they are responding as expected to treatment
  • for attentive listening to distressing patient problems and then offer a hug when one is called for

Our CFM patients are encouraged to come in to see their doctor, early and often, even with what may seem like minor concerns. We like to think of this as "fire prevention" instead of "fire fighting".

Our patients are able to schedule same-day appointments, if they call before 9am. They are also seen on time.

Patients can reach the doctors and staff at any time, 24/7, by cell phone.

At CFM we truly enjoy spending time with our patients, so no one ever feels pressured or rushed.

How valuable is your time?