CFM and Technology

At CFM, we paper chart.

What does that mean?

It means our database is an island, not connected to the internet. The website you're reading right now is used only to inform you about us, and provide medical and contact information. Our unique database stands alone, is not connected to the internet, and can not be hacked. There will be no "data mining", by insurance companies, the government, or anyone else. Your privacy will be preserved, without fail.

Likewise, there are no medical identity fraud concerns. Your identity is safe with us, because no one can electronically steal it.

Additionally, paper charting means accuracy. We generate a new entry in your chart every time we hear from you, whether it's on the phone, or in person. We do not use templates, note cloning, click boxes, or "cut and paste", which can increase the likelihood of error. All entries are hand-typed, in-house, and all are in logical, chronological order.

Not only does paper charting preserve your privacy, but it also allows us to provide better care. Rather than clicking away at check boxes and worrying about adequate billing, we focus on you, paying attention to the conversation at hand. No two patient encounters are the same.