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If you suffer from chronic allergies, the best “treatment” is avoidance, minimizing outdoor exposure, especially during those seasons that affect you most. Many allergy medications have gone “OTC” now, and we’re happy to discuss your best options.


Using a high quality air filter in your air conditioning system has a huge impact. “High efficiency” A/C filters cost $4-5 apiece, but you may be surprised by how much they help your allergies.


Most “house dust” allergies have nothing to do with dust. The actual cause of most ¬†home allergies¬†is a tiny mite that lives in house dust. Minimize exposure to dust mites, pollen, molds, and other allergens:

  1. Encase pillows, mattresses and even box springs in protective covers.
  2. Use foam pillows instead of down or feather pillows.
  3. Vacuum carpets and clean floors frequently.
  4. Minimize dust-collecting surfaces, such as shelves, stuffed animals, and blankets.
  5. Keep windows closed to avoid contact with outdoor allergens.
  6. If possible, avoid sleeping in a bedroom located in a basement or attic.
  7. Avoid smoking or breathing second-hand smoke.

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