Proactive Involvement in Your Health

Between your annual exams, our staff will remain proactively involved with maintaining your good state of health. We realize that our busy patients are preoccupied with many other aspects of their lives, so we make it our responsibility to monitor your health status closely and remind you on a regular basis when it is time for a followup visit, lab test, immunization, etc.

We like to think of this proactive approach as "fire prevention", rather than "fire fighting".  By aggressively managing small health issues, we prevent those issues from causing substantial physical damage. By contrast, most medicine today is strictly "reactive", meaning patients wait until they feel ill (i.e. chest pain, stomach upset, etc.) before seeking care.  Often these types of serious issues could be avoided, with proper screening.

You are probably thinking long term about your financial health, by saving, budgeting, and projecting ahead about your eventual retirement.  Often neglected, however, is the physical health required to reach that retirement.  It does take significant foresight.  This is where we come in.  Our role is to help you plan ahead, with close monitoring, screening, and counseling, to enable you to reap the rewards of a lifetime of good health.