Specialist Referrals


Not only do our patients receive VIP attention from our own doctors and staff (24/7), but we also serve as their enthusiastic advocate, helping facilitate their care throughout the complex health care system, while making the experience as convenient and understandable as possible.

For example, when we refer one of our CFM patients to a specialist colleague, our doctor will typically telephone the specialist directly to make certain the patient is able to schedule an appointment promptly and receive personal attention.

Being a CFM patient carries an unspoken understanding with our specialist friends. They understand that our patients have been thoroughly evaluated and are not likely to have any previously unsuspected health issues. They know that CFM patients tend to be responsible people who are committed to maintaining their good health and who will be motivated to comply with the specialist’s recommendations.

What’s more, the specialist is able to concentrate fully on his own area of expertise because he knows that other health issues are being actively managed by the CFM doctor. This is exactly the kind of patient that every specialist is delighted to see.