The Solution to the Problem


“MANAGED” HEALTH CARE and reactive medicine

Insurance companies and government agencies have managed to insert themselves between doctor and patient. Additionally, too much emphasis has been placed on reactive “urgent” care. These factors translate to incredibly busy schedules, less time with each patient at each encounter, increasing frustration, and too much reactive (rather than proactive) medicine. Many well-loved, well-established family physicians have even become so disenchanted with this system that they’ve been pressured to retire prematurely.

With such a broken system, it’s no wonder why it’s often impossible to speak directly with the doctor, why it’s difficult to schedule an appointment, and why patients with complex medical problems often end up being examined by a staff member who is not a physician. Patients often feel they are not receiving the prompt, attentive, proactive care they deserve.



At Concierge Family Medicine (CFM) we accept no money from insurance companies, large corporations, or the government. We are employed directly by our patients, so we are able focus all of our energy on them. Our doctors and our staff are committed to providing each patient with a proactive, overwhelmingly positive health care experience. In addition to urgent issues, we concentrate on early identification of potential health risks, aggressive management of those risks, wellness planning, and patient education.

Our unique approach at CFM makes it possible for us to provide the highest-quality, individualized patient care:

  • One annual “retainer” fee guarantees our patients immediate access to excellent care as often as they wish throughout the year.
  • We offer comprehensive, personalized medical care. We do not market any “sideline services” such as aesthetic procedures, alternative therapies, or dubious supplements.
  • Our patients know that there will be no further charges, so they are more likely to utilize the services available.  As a result, they are more likely to do what’s best for their own health. Our patients:
    • come in early for minor problems rather than waiting until they become major problems
    • return faithfully for recommended followup visits, routine labs, etc
    • come in annually for a thorough physical exam
    • do not hesitate to call us 24/7 if they have an urgent question
  • The fact that CFM accepts only a limited number of patients guarantees that we will always have ample time to give each one the VIP attention they deserve.
  • We are “employed” directly by the patients we serve, so we strive to maintain the highest level of service and patient satisfaction.