What sets CFM apart?

  • CFM is completely unique in having father and son physicians, with Dr William Jones’ decades of experience, and Dr Mason Jones’ cutting edge training and decades of longevity.
  • Our practice is “home-grown” and “home-operated” by our Austin doctors. We set our own standards of service and care, and we aren’t subject to corporate administrative oversight.
  • Having lived in Austin since the early 70’s, both doctors are very well connected to the best facilities and specialists in town.
  • Our location can’t be beat- central Austin, at the intersection of 2222 and Mopac, close to Northwest Hills, Allandale, Tarrytown, and Pemberton Heights.
  • While most medicine today is reactive, we offer a proactive, office-based practice, with focus on comprehensive care and preventive medicine.
  • CFM patients are seen by the doctor, not a midlevel “provider”.
  • By staying completely away from all insurance entanglements, we are able to keep our office intimate, comfortable, and inviting, yielding an unparalleled patient experience.
  • You’ll often find our waiting room empty, because we run on time.
  • At CFM, our annual fee is all we charge. Period. There are no additional costs, or “sideline services” for extra fees.